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No governor deserves your attention unless they're awesome, right? What if the awesomest possible *is* running against big power right now? Zephyr Teachout is that badass. The Internet has until 9/9 to share this and make politics mean something again, tag your friends!

Honest. Open. Uncorruptible. Responsive. Brilliant.

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Now help her break up the old boys club!

As Governor, she will:

1. break up corrupt monopolies

2. stop corporate-driven elections

3. sidestep lobbyists to revive schools & the economy, ban fracking

If you belive this is what politics should be, we need you! Let's make history! SIGN UP & SPREAD THE WORD!



We're sick of corruption, cringe-worthy compromises, and broken politics. The sitting governor of New York has a $35 million war chest and is under investigation for reigning over an era of unbridled corruption -- these kinds of power imbalances are why most of us sit out of elections. The system has made it too hard to challenge this power.

Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu's run for Governor and Lt. Governor of NY is about breaking up the old boys club’s stranglehold on our economy and democracy so that we can open up and revive our institutions, neighborhoods, markets, housing, education, health care, politics, and arts for all. If the Internet works together to help, we can secure our freedom to create and grow without having to beg for favors from the elite. Let's do this.

9/9/2014: Flood The Primary

THE PLAN: We only have until September 9th to make a choice -- We need to flood the NY
Primary. Help us grow the number of people who know that there is a primary that matters in New York and show up for Zephyr and Tim. Put this widget on your page, and lnvite people to the Facebook Primary event. We need as many of us to do a least one of these things.




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This *is* our moment. 

Someone like Zephyr comes once in a blue moon.


Transparent, Open Government

Zephyr is known nationally as a leader in advocating for transparent, accountable government.

She was National Director of the Sunlight Foundation, a leading government transparency group and was on the board of PPF, the organization behind

"Wu and I have an extraordinary amount of freedom to tell the truth as we see it." - Zephyr in LIPress


A truly competitive marketplace 

Zephyr and Tim share a deep belief that the economy and, more broadly, culture can only thrive in an environment that cultivates and protects challengers to big, entrenched incumbents. They both love bottom-up innovation, are immersed in start-up culture, and know first hand why competition matters. Their run is about protecting upstarts and leveling the playing field.

"Democrats should make sure that [the not-yet wealthy] have power, and that justice doesn't mean charity. It means balanced markets, competition, and flourishing small businesses." -Zephyr in DWT

"In other words, Teachout and Wu are not arguing about whether to redistribute wealth, but about how opportunity is distributed and wealth created in the first place ... It’s not just a race about corruption; it’s the first shot of what might be a real revolt in the Democratic Party. " -


Dismantle barriers to bottom-up innovation

Zephyr and Tim are both antitrust scholars intent on making sure monopolies get out of the way.

Tim was Senior Adviser to the Federal Trade Commission and Zephyr has written extensively on the need to revive the ethos of antitrust in America.

"Liberty is our right as Americans, both negative liberty in that government should not punish the innocent, but also positive liberty in our right to have housing, medicine, education, and economic opportunity." -Zephyr in DWT

Break up the old boys club

They are not the establishment or legacy politicians focused on their political careers. They have spent their lives in the reform community -- that is their community, not the old boys clubs.  

"That 'old-boy network' in Albany is exactly what Teachout is looking to change." - LIPress

On top of that, Zephyr would be the first woman governor of NY, and Tim would be the first Asian American in such high office, "Could New York Elect Its First Female Governor in 2014? "

"We need to get away from the approaches that I would say, well, they are not corrupt, but they are definitely premised on choosing favorites. By this I mean, the various tax credit or subsidy programs the state has tried out...the typical approach is they will choose one company out of say six ... Which is great for that company, but not necessarily so great for all of its competitors. And it is very good for creating political loyalty, but I am not sure it is really effective in the long term." - Tim in Naked Capitalism

Stop money-driven politics

Zephyr is such a visionary, leading campaign finance scholar that she was cited in the dissent in the Supreme Court case, Citizens United v. F.E.C., by Justice John Paul Stevens.

Zephyr and Tim have campaigned for a state-wide public matching funds system, similar to what New York City has already, and have made it their top priority for NY. New York can be a model state for changing how politics are funded nationally.

"I’m writing today to ask you to support someone who I believe is the most important anti-corruption candidate in any race in America today -- Zephyr Teachout, running for Governor in New York," -Lawrence Lessig, MayDay PAC.

Stop the Comcast-Time Warner Merger

"It's Time to Make Comcast Political" - Zephyr

Zephyr and Tim submitted a comment to the Public Service Commission in NY to block the transfer of Time Warner to Comcast, which would effectively halt the merger by depriving Comcast of 2.6 million subscribers. "The PSC has no choice under state law but to block the pending Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger." They spell out how the merger would mean higher prices for customers and be a disservice to the public interest.

Tim is the author of The Master Switch, the critically acclaimed account of the long cycles in the media and telecommunications industries

Net Neutrality

Tim Wu coined the term “net neutrality” and popularized the concept. He has testified in Congress on this subject and is defending it against Big Cable's effort to end it this fall.

Both Zephyr and Tim have served on the boards of organizations that fight to protect openness and freedom on the internet (Free Press and Fight for the Future).

Two foundations of modern democracy: net neutrality and democratic accountability. -


Full Public School, Arts, and Tech Funding

Zephyr's first job out of college was as a special education teacher's aide in a small rural public school.

She describes a vision of public education with small class sizes, early intervention for children who need it, and a strong art programs in every school.

"Public education is the infrastructure of democracy." - Zephyr

"The root problem with Common Core is that it is undemocratic." - Zephyr

"Every child deserves to have a teacher who has the time to pay attention to them, and every child deserves to be seen for who they are."  -Zephyr

Stop the Militarization and Mass Surveillance Capabilities of Local Police

As candidates, Zephyr and Tim have called for investigation of the militarization of police and its effects in predominantly minority neighborhoods.

As Zephyr has said -- at the core of what makes a democracy work is that  every person must be seen for who they are. Zephyr founded a criminal defense non-profit in Durham, NC, where she helped lead the fight against the death penalty.

"The opposite of militarized policing is community policing. This is a value system in which police focus on building personal relationships with community members. They use citizen involvement to deal with neighborhood problems and livability issues. This is hard and requires real and deep knowledge of the communities that are being policed. Simple force is the easy and short-term approach, but it is also a value system at odds with respectful harmonious communities. Self-government is not compatible with authoritarian tactics." -- Zephyr Teachout and Bertha Lewis.

Day 1: Ban Fracking 

Zephyr has committed to banning fracking on her first day in office.

"Our system is rigged towards fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas. An intricate system of public subsidies keeps dirty sources of energy artificially cheap, which means that companies and individuals will keep relying on them. We must revamp these incentives to promote renewable sources: solar, wind, and hydro." -Zephyr


Local Farms

Zephyr grew up on a small farm in Vermont. She knows the value of local agriculture and would work to protect New York’s farmers from anticompetitive Big Ag companies.

Zephyr and Tim want to flip farm subsidies so that they help local, organic farmers, not the industrial food monopolies.



People's Government

Immigrant dignity:

"We should make it a priority to ensure [NY DREAM Act] gets passed by the Senate and sign it immediately, so that all New Yorkers are free to access higher education and the opportunities it opens." - Teachout-Wu Campaign

Legalize marijuana: 

"Instead of piecemeal fixes and narrow vision, the solution that makes the best sense for New York is to legalize the recreational use of marijuana." - Teachout-Wu Statement 

Voting rights for all:

"Power doesn’t cede power without a fight, but it is a fight I am ready to have if I can gather the resources. Whether in this election cycle or not, politicians like Governor Cuomo need to see a groundswell of support for a bold, progressive, populist new politics. The more we confront them with this vision, the even greater the demand for the vision will be." Zephyr in Politico

Now, you get it?

Now, share these images!

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What's happening?

We've learned that NY Governor Cuomo has begun to represent the worst abuses of power, the worst of representative democracy. He is another example of why people shouldn't care about politics, why people stand on the sidelines. He could have governed much more earnestly, honestly, and took real steps to better serve people. He could have passed the Women's Equality Act, created a truly competitive market place, protected our environment and passed corruption reforms. He took large campaign contributions in exchange for much of what he did do fueling Wall Street and many more. This extreme corruption of the political system leave many powerless to transform or propser.

This isn't just about Cuomo. This is about something bigger, something that is happening that we didn't expect. A real challenge, a serious one, one that you can believe in. Zephyr and Tim are running against Cuomo this primary. They represent a solution to corruption, and leadership for reviving our institutions, markets, and putting the best of what makes those things work first. They bring us back to real democratic values and real markets -- for expression, creativity, business, more.

From Long Island Press:

One supporter approached Teachout almost shyly. “Can I shake the hand of the next governor of New York?” she asked. Teachout responded with a wide grin and an enthusiastic outstretch of her hand. “I read that you would be here so I made a special trip to say hello,” the woman said. “I also want to give you something. It’s not a lot—I’m a retired schoolteacher, but I wanted to contribute to your campaign.” She handed Teachout a check, on which she’d written in the memo section “Words Matter.”

These are serious people standing up to real power, who does that? As Cuomo makes a joke out of what should be protected, our democracy, he's also now running scared. He is trying to block her from the ballot through legal challenges. He is desperately trying to avoid an election where he can be held accountable.

He's facing a major scandal that is rocking his administration, so it's no wonder he'd rather face us in court than at the ballot box. This coming from a governor implicated in corruption speaks to the deeply-broken nature of his office.

But, that's why we started this campaign in the first place, and luckily, we have a plan - to make Cuomo go, we need to defend Zephyr and Tim's right to be on the ballot.

It's hard to believe in anyone in politics these days, but if you believe at all that things need to be changed or believe that there have been reformers in history that have sparked your ideas for reform, that the spirit of cleaning up politics is necessary, we need your help to make this run matter.

Help us break up power. Be in touch, sign up above.

From Zephyr on Facebook:

We can have a politics of abundance and reject the politics of scarcity. We are enough.

We have enough sun and wind and water for a renewable future. If we instituted fair bank taxes we would have enough for the best public schools in the country, for the best public infrastructure, for leading in 21st century transportation.

The politics of scarcity tells you there aren't enough resources and that we must beg at the feet of oligarchs for them to stay in New York. There is fear at the base of this falsehood.

The politics of scarcity also leads to the politics of anti-immigrant fear because there is too little. It encourages fighting over scraps.

But New York has always been abundant with talent, drive, and resources, and people from all over the world. We must reject scarcity, keep the arms of liberty open, and draw on all our resources to build an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected.


I believe that one of the jobs of a politician is to bear passionate witness to people's lives as they live them.

If corruption is when public figures serve themselves, instead of their constituents, the opposite of corruption is love of the public. And the first sign of the absence of that kind of public love is the absence of attention.

We are at the edge of a great moment in politics--I felt it at the march in Staten Island last week to witness Eric Garner's life and death.

There are other huge shifts--consider the fracktivists success in keeping hydrofracking out of New York is one of the greatest environmental victory in decades. Remember the loud parents and teachers at the Picket-in-the-Pines called out the Governor for privatizing our schools, and the Brooklyn community's refusal to allow Long Island College Hospital to be sold silently.

All of movements are rising up in anger and love, anger at the growing inequality and privatization, and a genuine, public love, a care and attention to the public good that has always been at the heart of our best politics.

No politics is perfect, but if we give up on injustice, and bearing witness to each others lives, and resisting privatization, we give up on ourselves, and our future.

This moment--this election, September 9--is about what kind of New York we want, who we are, and what we value. And don't let anyone tell you that we can't have a more equal, open, vibrant economy and democracy, or that the only institutions that matter are those that make a profit.

We are so much more than that. [X] more days to make history and shock the world. Thanks.

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